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Reliable and affordable hosting. Our servers are situated in Germany and the USA.

Web design ::

Test your Website! Make use of to get important information about your domain.

Marketing ::

Much time is needed to see your website climbing the ranking list.

Hosting services

The Namibian tourism industry gets most of their clients from Europe.

It is therefore important to host your website close to your customers, to ensure that your website opens in the shortest time possible.

We offer website hosting on a server in Germany and the USA.

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Web design services

Try to be different to your competitors! To get the attention of your visitors have some nice gadgets on your site. Even better if they are connected to you products, like a 360 panorama picture of a lodge.

Keep your visitors coming back to your site by providing them with interesting information about your product, as well as additional information, i.e. information on Namibia, Southern Africa, travel tips, etc.

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Internet marketing

What to do in the mean time?

Make use of our promotion service!

This will bring your site on to the first page of a search engine, like GOOGLE, right from the first day!

In March 2007 we reached over 52.4 Mio. internet users, resulting in over 48926 additional visits on our promoted websites.

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